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Sewing leather clothing to size. What are the benefits of the solution...?

Tailoring clothes, once so popular, is starting to come back into favor. No wonder - it has a number of benefits that far outweigh any disadvantages! So what should make you choose custom-made clothes?

Perfect match
When you choose tailor-made clothing, you can be sure that it will fit your proportions. Mass-produced clothes will never fit you like this. Regardless of whether you need a jacket, a hat and scarf or a fur parka, at Karibu you will receive each of these pieces of clothing tailored to your exact measurements. This fit provides much greater comfort, so it is often worth choosing a slightly more expensive but more comfortable product.

High quality and precision of workmanship
Tailor-made clothes are always distinguished by high quality workmanship. They are produced with exceptional care - every smallest detail is perfectly refined, there is no room for oversights that occur in the case of mass-produced clothing. LEU creates its clothes - both women's and men's - with the greatest precision, using its many years of experience. Clothing cut from appropriate materials according to the customer's needs will last for a much longer time.

One of a kind clothing
When you choose tailor-made clothes, you choose one-of-a-kind clothes. You can be sure that on the street, at work or at an elegant party you will not meet anyone wearing the same styling - which happens very often in the case of mass-produced clothing. If you engage properly in the production process and describe your expectations in detail, you will receive a product that will stand out from the rest. Sometimes even one original element can add a unique charm to a piece of clothing!

Exceptional wearing comfort
By wearing clothes tailored perfectly to your preferences and dimensions, you can feel not only extremely elegant, but also extremely comfortable. No other clothes will ever provide as much comfort as those tailored and made from the materials you choose. You know best what gives you the most comfort - thanks to your tips, at LEU we will create the perfect coat, vest or jacket with natural fur that you won't want to take off!

Clothes according to individual preferences
Tailor-made clothing is so unique, among other things, because it is a perfect reflection of taste and preferences. It allows you to express yourself and always wears well, because it is created exactly in your style, according to your instructions and needs. LEU clothing can be tailored to your individual preferences - you can choose the fabrics, insulation and external finishing of the coat, fur or sheepskin coat yourself! We can only advise you, but the final appearance of a fur parka or sheepskin aviator coat depends largely on you.

Tailor-made tailoring is everyday life at LEU. We take care of every detail, take into account your preferences and want you to feel special in our clothes. Our company has a tradition of providing its customers with exactly the clothing they have been looking for for a long time - elegant, comfortable and extremely durable. By choosing tailor-made clothes, you can enjoy their quality and warmth for many years!

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